The Art of Self-Love


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What is Self-love exactly? Why do some people have this quality and others still have to develop it?  How to really embody and develop it – thus profoundly transform oneself and one’s life? In this workshop you will find the answers to those questions and dive in the Emotional body, to discover the roots of the lack of Self-love and the ways to transform them!


The Art of Self-love is carefully designed with the use of  Self-knowledge exercises, Active meditations, Emotional and Inner child work and Rebirthing  to get an experiential, practical understanding of oneself and the forces inside your psyche that act in opposition to the Self-love, their roots and how exactly to proceed with them. It is a deeper work to challenge the limiting beliefs about oneself, release stuck feelings, shed the light on the blind spots and find a new constructive, loving perspective on oneself and one’s life!


This work is essential and complimentary to other spiritual and self-development practices like: yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, etc. It is a big gift you can make for yourself, since it works on the very foundation of the personal happiness – SELF-LOVE!



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Duration: 3 days
Time: 9:30 – 18:30 (Finishing time is flexible and can be later during some days, please dont make commitments or plans for the evenings)
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Limit of participants: 10

Whatsapp: +91 724 844 29 79

Location: Umaya center – Upper bhagsu – walk the steps up from Krishna supermarket, or 30 meters down the steps from Welcome cafe.

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What people say

I am positively overwhelmed with the intensity of this workshop. With your clear structure and theory as well as guidance, I found the answers to many questions. It feels like puzzle pieces that were lying on the table in an unsorted manner, could come together now to form a picture. I could let go some negative feelings and recognize the important connections/patterns that caused my pain and feel absolutely motivated now to go out and live the many positive aspects of my essence and feel ready to cope with my inner voices, whenever they occur. The workshop in total was awesome and I hope you will continue, so many other people can benefit! I can highly recommend it to everybody, who is searching for a more loving attitude towards oneself.
This is one of the most powerful series of exercises I’ve ever done. I made connections that 15+ years of therapy never brought. This workshop changed me. I was shocked at how powerful the body and breath work was. I’m inherently logical “talk it out” kind of person, and yet these meditations brought me to new levels of awareness, understanding and power. I am a better person for it. I wish all my loved ones could experience this kind of life affirmation! You are a poweful, inviting, thoughtful leader. I feel so grateful to have met you and that you held this space so beautifully for us. I love myself more because of your workshop. Please keep doing this work. Thank you so much, Alexey!
A wonderful, powerful, enjoyable, heart-opening, loving workshop. Alex holds it with a lot of care, knowledge, authenticity and confidence. I truly recommend this workshop. Very accepting atmosphere, gentle and deep and transformative in the same time. Very beneficial. Things that I’ve tried for years and didnt succeed, happened here. There was a very good combination of learning, talking, experiencing and body work.
Avital clinical psychologist
Its a very good combination of body-work, breathing and mental work. I’ve learned a lot of new tools to deal with emotions, beliefs, child traumas. It was great to meet face to face with this “inner child”, to experience it again, even if I didnt remember particular childhood situations. It is more easy to accept myself now with new courage and understanding. I can forgive myself and live my life without blaming myself. I feel that I’ve got a power to care for myself and helped this crying child to grow and be happy.
Sofia Abdelmanovaparticipant
A well paced and effective process. It really helped me see parts of myself much clearer & made me question some self-defeating states I get into, their origin and validity now. I feel much kinder to myself. This workshop came at precisely the right time and I am so happy and grateful to Alexey for sharing a part of his passion – its very inspiring to me. Keep going! Big love, William.
William NorjordParticipant
Very positive! Nice balance of East meets West approach. Attending this workshop was a lovely act of self-love. A very positive + transformative space was created + held. Stirred up a lot of emotions in a positive way, perfect space to let go, look at it/me from a different lense/lenses. Definetely made some big steps towards Self-love and gave hope for the future + great tools to harnessing the super power of self love. Important work, you are doing. Thank you again for the confidence to create and hold this space. I would recommend it to everyone.
This Self-love workshop is very transformative in the way we look on ourselves. Step by step we have been guided to dive into ourselves, to acknowledge our shadows and embrace them. It helped me to recognize & take distance from parts of me (idealized self & victim) & moreover, answer to them with LOVE and not hate or judgment. Allowing my feelings to be as they are, before wanting to change them. I realized – I have the right to be happy and thats wonderful! I just say you – a HUGE thank you, for the workshop you offer, for your beautiful sensitivity, for bringing this light inside of us!



Alexey Nechaev – International teacher with 9 years experience of giving Emotional healing and Self-knowledge workshops.

Being born and raised in Russia, with the cultural deficiency of expressions of love and affection, Alexey did not have the initial predisposition towards Self-love. Only later in life, facing the frustration and dissatisfaction, he had to start his inner journey towards a more happy and fulfilled life. On his way, after being deeply engaged in studies of yoga, tantra, self-knowledge with various masters, he had discovered that the Self-love was the very missing cornerstone in his inner make up. He had to learn about what affects it and how to develop it. How to overcome adopted patterns and dissolve developmental arrests. During that learning and making the changes inside, the significant changes started to happen outside – Alexey discovered more of the passion in work, got married & became a father. But most important, at some point, Alexey found himself being more happy with oneself and life – not due to the outer achievements, but due to the inner work and application of self-knowledge. Alexey has created this workshop out of his own experience and personal transformation to empower others and help them to connect to their own light.