Dj Aditya

Ecstatic Dance Dj, vibrational alchemist, citizen of the world – Dj Aditya lived in Bali and India for the last 15 years where he was immersed in spirituality & music, where he facilitated his healing workshops, Ecstatic dances & conscious parties before recently moving to Belgium His sessions are positive and uplifting and get a good feedback in the communities he plays in!

His Ecstatic dance journeys are inspired by his love to tribal energies & spirituality as well as funky life-affirming vibrations. His sets are characterized by energetic waves that start in a meditative flow and build up to Ecstatic wild outbursts in which he invites tribal energies to be expressed and natural ecstasy experienced! His Ecstatic dances are groovy, joyful & deep in the same time! (Dj Aditya – events & music sets)

I am delighted to share my heart through music & dance – to create experiences that uplift and empower people, that connect them to their innate joy & light! Besides Ecstatic dances – I am open to bring uplifting music and dance to other events and parties, to co-create, explore and create formats & projects that never existed before, it’s really inspiring for me to bring something new to people and to utilize creative energy! If you are organizing Ecstatic dances or other events that can require music & dance – contact me & I will be happy to share and co-create.




My inner quest started at the age of 17, when i joined for the first time a retreat called “the awakening of the self” with Annie Marquier. I remember coming out of it and telling myself  “that needs to be shared to the whole world and that’s what i’m gonna do!”. When i was 19, my dear and inspiring mom introduced me to Family constellations. It’s been, and still is, the most profound and efficient therapy i’ve experienced and one of the main tool i’m sharing in my work. It helped me a lot to shift major things within me and my relationships and see significant changes happening in my life.

Since then, i’ve always felt a strong commitment towards my healing journey; rooted in the desire to keep discovering who i am, to feel empowered from the wounds of my past and transform them into strenghts, gifts, talents and magic ! The seeds of resolution are often in the core of our emotional pain and like an alchemist, we can use that pain as the greatest gift we have for growth, healing and transformation! That’s the vision i’m transmitting through my work.

Over the years, I’ve been exploring and developing tools and workshops inspired by family constellations, dance therapy, tantra, non-violent communication, shamanism and the teachings of Prem Baba and Annie Marquier. I’m still deeply moved by the same passion and commitment for personal growth and feel the same calling to keep sharing to others what has been transformative for me !



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