What people say

I loved that I could take the course at my own pace and had support whenever I needed it. I am surprised and proud of myself for already booking my first class only a few months later, when I had absolutely no prior experience of DJ’ing. I put that down to a well constructed course, delivered with clarity, experience and warmth. Whether you want to learn basic DJ techniques or to go into much more depth and advanced DJ’ing the course provides it all. I loved the different ideas on facilitating the dance aspect and the fun and experience of Anouchka shone through. Both Alex and Anouchka have given their all to this course and it shows. The price for the course is excellent too! Thank you both for such a well thought out and enjoyable course and I can not wait until my first class and to bring joy to my local community! : )
I was thoroughly impressed by the level of detail and depth of knowledge that the course offered. The balance between theory and practical application provided a comprehensive understanding of both the art of DJing and the nuances of ecstatic dance facilitation. The course content was well-structured and thoughtfully curated, providing a broad spectrum of information. The fusion of music theory, technical DJ skills, and the exploration of the ecstatic dance ethos made for an enriching learning experience. Your passion for music and ecstatic dance shone brightly throughout the course. Your teaching style was engaging, and your ability to make complex concepts accessible was particularly commendable. This course has not only equipped me with the skills to DJ and facilitate ecstatic dance events but also deepened my love and appreciation for this form of expressive dance. I am excited to apply what I have learned and contribute to the ecstatic dance community. Thank you once again for creating such a transformative and inspiring course. I look forward to any future courses you may offer.
Vivian Soarez
Alex & Anoushka have really put together a fantastic course for those who want to embark upon the ecstatic dance DJ and facilitator journey. I highly recommend it and I am deeply grateful for all the course shares and continues to share in my growth and learning with new journey of being a positive force upon this planet now and in the future. Huge thanks!
It was an amazing training, and I truly learned everything I needed to know to facilitate and DJ ecstatic dance. Thanks to the Umaya team, I am super motivated and feel ready to move forward. If I could, I’d give this training six stars out of five! This is one of my top five online trainings of all time, and I’ve done dozens, if not hundreds. Great job guys!! Thank you!
Christian Bergstrom
I picked up your course out of many offers from other great artists, and I love my choice! All important things for an online-course, the huge amount of high-level-content, the tempo of explanations and the learning time for homework and practice, you simply made a really helpful toolbox for anyone who wants to start ecstatic dance an djing or improve the own skills. I’m so thankful for all the time you spend in creating this course and sharing it with us creatives! Excited to meet you in Belgium or Germany one day to dance and enjoy life together! Much love and big up for your project.
It was very powerful and useful for me. After a lot of years of studying and practicing, it’s your course that gave me the confidence to start my ecstatic dance facilitation journey. Thank you!
Cristina Nucera
Lucky to have found your course. Lots of basic technique well explained. Sometimes I got too distracted from the course… because your music you use in the examples is sooooo good, I found myself searching on Bandcamp ect 😉 Very happy about this course and will rewatch some video’s in the upcoming weeks/months to integrate even more information and techniques.
Dj Heidi (Belgium)
The entire program is so incredibly well done, so thorough and fantastic. Again, the in depth demonstration of how to use the Dj controller Traktor Kontrol S2 was unbelievable, just simply the best instruction in how to use this piece of equipment. You are top notch teachers of this material, truly a wonderful gift to the world!
Aimee Moffitt-Mercer
Your course was extremely useful and practical. Very clear everything. I especially think, for me, that I didn’t know anything about DJing, it helped me a lot to have confidence and an overview of how to start. The information was very valuable to me.
Luis Armijo
I really enjoyed doing the Online Training with Anoushka and Alex. Alex explained all the technical parts for DJing very clearly and easy in order to put hands on. Anoushka spread so much joy in the Facilitating Section, so it was fun to watch all the Videos. Both of them are very encouraging and kind and even it was an Online course, I had the feeling that they were with me somehow. I highly can recommend this course!
I REALLY loved Ecstatic dance training! I found you very supportive, relaxed and enthusiastic and gave me so many useful tools and insights to move forward. The DJ training was excellent, even though I have never mixed before I feel confident to go out and use what I have learnt for the public. The instructions and videos are very clear and simple to explore/follow. It felt good value for money 🙂
Dj AnnaLisa (UK)
Alex & Anoushka are both knowledgeable, generous teachers. Alex shared technical aspects of the music software and finding/saving/downloading music is thorough, knowledgeable and intentional in his approach. Anoushka is inspiring, open and nurturing in her approach. The course is holistic, it covers technical aspects of finding, organizing and playing music, opening/closing ceremonies, and how to bring your unique gifts to your ecstatic dance event. Thank you so much, what a beautiful teaching!
Elizabeth Tucker
The Course is amazing! Alex’s knowledge about DJ and the software is incomparable and really help you to improve your skills and be more confident. Course that would really recommend to anyone who wants to start a journey into ecstatic dance DJ/Facilitator.
Giulio Firmaturi
I feel very lucky and grateful to have met Alex and Anoushka as teachers. I recognize their talent in teaching and their professionality, patience and love in what they do, I feel able to make an Ecstatic dance facilitations with confidence, and I feel very grateful …. super recommended!
Alex has empowered me with all I need to know to begin the journey of DJing Ecstatic Dance. Even before the end of the course I was able to confidently perform a set at an Ecstatic Dance which had great feedback! Coming into this without any prior knowledge with Traktor or DJing it has been great to be given the tools to use the software. I found this course has given me a solid foundation to work upon. Thanks so much!
Jack Weaver
I really enjoy all the content. The possibility to do on my own time and learning speed. I found it very helpful also because the communication was always there, in all the way. Aditya was very kind and patience to reply with the information needed. Thank you very much!
Doroteia Cheeseman
An amazing experience and super happy to have taken part! I learned how to beatgrid, sort music, organise settings in Traktor, as well as developing my skills in looping, transitioning and developing waves and ideas on how to put together a session. Overall it was the energy of both of you that I found most useful in charging me up to just go for it, which is half the battle when starting something new!
Ecstatic dance Dj training - reviewJoe Allan
I am absolutely satisfied with the knowledge shared in the Alex and Anushka’s Ecstatic dance training course and pleased with the caliber of training of the Dj skills! It made me feel confident in my offering. All the aspects of the DJ training were invaluable! Saleste
Saleste Mele
I really appreciate being able to take your course. I understand now that DJ-ing is an art, and you’re clearly a consummate artist. I feel really fortunate that you are able to share your gifts with me.
Emily Wells