What people say

The entire program is so incredibly well done, so thorough and fantastic. Again, the in depth demonstration of how to use the Dj controller Traktor Kontrol S2 was unbelievable, just simply the best instruction in how to use this piece of equipment. You are top notch teachers of this material, truly a wonderful gift to the world!
Aimee Moffitt-Mercer
Your course was extremely useful and practical. Very clear everything. I especially think, for me, that I didn’t know anything about DJing, it helped me a lot to have confidence and an overview of how to start. The information was very valuable to me.
Luis Armijo
I really enjoyed doing the Online Training with Anoushka and Alex. Alex explained all the technical parts for DJing very clearly and easy in order to put hands on. Anoushka spread so much joy in the Facilitating Section, so it was fun to watch all the Videos. Both of them are very encouraging and kind and even it was an Online course, I had the feeling that they were with me somehow. I highly can recommend this course!
I REALLY loved Ecstatic dance training! I found you very supportive, relaxed and enthusiastic and gave me so many useful tools and insights to move forward. The DJ training was excellent, even though I have never mixed before I feel confident to go out and use what I have learnt for the public. The instructions and videos are very clear and simple to explore/follow. It felt good value for money 🙂
Alex & Anoushka are both knowledgeable, generous teachers. Alex shared technical aspects of the music software and finding/saving/downloading music is thorough, knowledgeable and intentional in his approach. Anoushka is inspiring, open and nurturing in her approach. The course is holistic, it covers technical aspects of finding, organizing and playing music, opening/closing ceremonies, and how to bring your unique gifts to your ecstatic dance event. Thank you so much, what a beautiful teaching!
Elizabeth Tucker
The Course is amazing! Alex’s knowledge about DJ and the software is incomparable and really help you to improve your skills and be more confident. Course that would really recommend to anyone who wants to start a journey into ecstatic dance DJ/Facilitator.
Giulio Firmaturi
I feel very lucky and grateful to have met Alex and Anoushka as teachers. I recognize their talent in teaching and their professionality, patience and love in what they do, I feel able to make an Ecstatic dance facilitations with confidence, and I feel very grateful …. super recommended!
Alex has empowered me with all I need to know to begin the journey of DJing Ecstatic Dance. Even before the end of the course I was able to confidently perform a set at an Ecstatic Dance which had great feedback! Coming into this without any prior knowledge with Traktor or DJing it has been great to be given the tools to use the software. I found this course has given me a solid foundation to work upon. Thanks so much!
Jack Weaver
An amazing experience and super happy to have taken part! I learned how to beatgrid, sort music, organise settings in Traktor, as well as developing my skills in looping, transitioning and developing waves and ideas on how to put together a session. Overall it was the energy of both of you that I found most useful in charging me up to just go for it, which is half the battle when starting something new!
Ecstatic dance Dj training - reviewJoe Allan
I am absolutely satisfied with the knowledge shared in the Alex and Anushka’s Ecstatic dance training course and pleased with the caliber of training of the Dj skills! It made me feel confident in my offering. All the aspects of the DJ training were invaluable! Saleste
Saleste Mele
I really appreciate being able to take your course. I understand now that DJ-ing is an art, and you’re clearly a consummate artist. I feel really fortunate that you are able to share your gifts with me.
Emily Wells
Dear Anouchka & Alex, Thank you so much for the beautiful space you held, & the amazing skills you shared for one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life!! ❤️❤️ Three days later your workshop has left me feeling grounded in a deeper sense of myself, clearer in my thinking, & open & connected from my heart.. Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to me to step more fully into my real strengths, & to make it more possible for me to share this with the world from the truth in my heart. Love & blessings to you both. Donna.
Hi ! Boaz and I wanted to thank you and Anoushka again, and we also wanted to share with you that during these days of the workshop and also today, our lovemaking has reached new peaks.. We both agree that the workshop has increased the levels of stamina, intimacy and the general intensity of the energy-exchanging in our lovemaking.❤ The workshop definetly made it clear for us that as a couple we should insist and persist to make time in our hectic everyday life for these kind of shiva-shakti tantric meditations and deepen the family constellations… Not only for the high peaks of lovemaking of course (though we happily understand it’s one of the results for this), but for our spiritual growth as a couple. 🌿 So thank you again and wish you both much love!” – Lian Aisic
Hello you two xx Your workshop is one of the best I’ve ever done. Simon & I are very grateful we had the opportunity and are very much committed to continuing our healing journey together and individually. Your work is invaluable and should be shared. So much love and gratitude for you both ♥ Christine xxx
Christine & Simon
These teachings are carried out with incredible love and integrity. What a wonderful experience. It was such a beautiful and safe space to be open, surrounded in our feelings and emotions. Anoushka and Alex are amazing teachers; their way of teaching and the information gained is life changing. Beautiful, informative and transformative. A truly mind-blowing experience. I’m so grateful to them. Big and warm hug!!! love you!! – Ivone Lopes
Ivone Lopes
My time during the workshop was deeply nourishing. I experienced a very comfortable and safe intimacy with others that in itself was very healing and revealing. On top of that the exercises that we did were often very beneficial in bringing up things that needed to be looked at in a way that was mostly gentle and always supportive. Anoushka and Alex do a wonderful job holding the space and encouraging the work. Though there was a lot of deep inner work and times of heavy emotion, there was also much joy and ease, and of course lots of love!
All words are meaningless… The sounds that we make verbally cannot express those feelings and experience that I got on that workshop. All my body is filled with lightness and the heart is spreading sweet, all-pervaiding nectar of love. Its almost 5.00am, but no sleepingness. The ability to love unconditionally – is a great skill… Loving with understanding and asking nothing in return. Loving unconditionally, giving those who you love the right to be as they want themselves to be. Overall only this is love. Shiva surrenders to Shakti. Shakti bows down in front of the lotus-feet of Shiva. Yesterday we saw an expression of divine – the full rainbow. Alena Novikova
Alena Novikova
Good morning or afternoon to all, all, all!))) Finally my experiences got grounded and I felt the desire to share ))) For me this kind of workshop was a new discovery – I had never been to such an exotic practices. My condition now – as a dried dead tree finally got watered with life waters and it became ALIVE, my body and feelings became alive again ))) Thank you, my new friends – this travel towards myself had happened because of you! Elena Horoshevskaya
Elena Horoshevskaya
It was very powerful for me! I could see how much energy i have inside and feel them moving through my whole body and chakras. I feel very confident, very female and very strong ! To see you guys encouraged me to go deeper in the exercices ; you have so much love that you both are an inspiration !
Anonymous participant
Healing of the heart is the right name that Alexey and Anouchka give for the amazing work they do together. I feel that you take really care of Shiva and Shakti energy of the group, so everybody can feel the healing of the heart! Veramente bravi Alexey e Anouchka, grazie di cuore!!! Fabrizio Sarracino – Italy
Fabrizio Sarracino
Alex, thank you for your ability to help people to unfold their light, love and joy. Big hug to you! Alexander Golovanov
Alexander Golovanov
It’s liberating to experience sexual energy free from shame or judgments and to live relationships free from power games, with enjoyment, honesty, pleasure, healing, openness and love. Anouchka and Alex are really doing a Heart work. Recommended. Much healing and lightness and sexual human nature accepted and directed to brotherhood. And sisterhood. And love. Such a bliss to experience life as a female. And to really love men. We are so beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you life. Thank you. Lydia
I came to Rishikesh for a number of reasons and I really feel this workshop has been the most enriching experience yet for my heart and soul. In my life back home in London I had got very disconnected from what I was feeling in myself and from others both on a social and more intimate level. But doing this workshop awakened so much inside of me; so much love, so much joy, so much gratitude. It was a truly amazing experience that I signed up to do it for a second time! The process was guided so lovingly by Alex & Anouchka who’s support, care and love was a source of great comfort and inspiration throughout. During the 3 days of the workshops a strong connection was felt with both of them and the other participants in the workshop. This connection has remained beyond the workshop and has enhanced my everyday life considerably. I truly feel everyone could benefit from taking this workshop. Paul Baker
Paul Baker
I also want to thank everyone, who participated and created – we’ve been creating together the space of Love. Lots of gratitude to Alex – you – subtle channel.. and thanks a lot to Alexander, who brought us all together) Second time in the workshop and get always surprised for seeing new layers of Love, acceptance, deepening in the Presence – Life – here and now. And as a Shakti always get surprised and open something new in Shiva, that manifest in all of the men. How Beautiful You Are! – thank you that You Are!)) Elena
About the workshop in Cheboksary! I Want To Express Huge Gratitude to Alex and Anouchka, also organizer Irina and all the participants! Honestly I didnt expect such an effect – soft and very deep diving with lifting up the programs from the depths of subconscious, came out a lot of which I was hiding for years in the chest of subconscious, till now I relive all the experience of the closed feelings in the soul. In the sauna and in nature, while the channel is opened and everything gets liberated, all the toxins of mind. Gratitude for everything! Yes!))) Sergey.
I gave my self a great gift having a 3 days healing course with Alex and Anoushka. Both very dedicated to their job in my opinion because they make a safe space for us in the group – being with the group with open heart, honesty and an attitude of great acceptance, compassion and listening to each one of us about our situation and position in the process. I really felt supported and guided and leaded well as we get involved in family relation terapy, breath work and tantra technics. Open up and receive so much warmth and appriciation for all the emotions and blockage that was involved. Will recommend this journey to everyone who want greater connection and want to go one step closer to themselves or their partner. Lots of Love EL
Ah Ah Ah ! It was great! Laughter and tears , and love ! A total leap into the unknown for a deep tantric transformation ! Anna Malyusheva – Russia
Anna Malyusheva
The workshop allowed me to go deeper in my feelings. I realized that I can love, that I can give love and be loved without any condition. It was fantastic to explore myself through interactions with other participants using tantra methods. During the different practices I opened deep fears and deep emotions inside. With the support of Alex and Anouchka I could work on them, and it allowed me to have a more clear vision of myself and see hidden reasons behind my actions. After the workshop I felt that my love became clearer and brighter. Of course not all issues were solved, but I gained tools for the further work. I feel grateful to Universe that our paths crossed with Alexey and Anouchka. Thank you guys for this safe and meaningful journey that changed my life, my vision and my perception of the world. With love, Maxim Smorodinov
Maxim Smorodinov
Thank you so much for creating a safe space in which i managed to tap into my own softness and break down some of my barriers. If you ever do an actual reatreat, i would love to be a part of that as i think you have the right energy and system in place for a true self-experience. The exercises we did and some of the homework were fantastic to re-create at home. Claudia Nieweg – Amsterdam
Claudia Nieweg
Every exercise and technique during the 3 day intensive, whether practical or theory, increased my understanding of myself, of others and of the ways we interact with the people around us. The course realigned and redefined my concepts of intimacy and sensuality. During the course I experienced some of the most intimate connections I have ever had with others in my life while both of us where fully clothed and without any focus on sex. The course has helped me to grow as well as heal. Whether your intention is for personal expansion, personal healing or both the three days will be one of the best investments you make in your life. Raoul Kawusu Smith – Australia
Raoul Kawusu Smith
The experience was beautiful. I could see beauty in us ; men and women and that is what i really, really needed. I can look at the opposite sex without the image “men hurts women, i can’t trust them, i don’t want them ti be near me”. Maybe now i can really be in a relationship with one of them
Anonymous participant