Opening of the Heart: Transformation


This workshop is a 5 day deep inner work where we use the Tantric practices, Rebirthing and Psycho-emotional exercises to liberate stuck feelings that prevent us to open our hearts to ourselves and others. It is designed for Singles and Couples, where you will do practices and exersises by yourself, with partners and in a group. The structure of the workshop allows participants to go gradually in their process, where one day leads to another. If you are in a couple there is an option to do practices with your partner, and with different partners if you are single.




The relationships we have with others and with the life itself are the result of our inner landscape. What is outside reflects, what is inside of us. Our unconscious make us to repeat certain destructive patterns (attachments, disputes, projections, and fears) and go around in circles, not expanding or growing anymore. We unconsciously repeat our past and everything that is not healed and integrated from our childhood in our life now.


In this workshop we create the conditions for the participants to explore their inner landscape, do the nessessary energy work, get the proper knowledge and bring the needed healing.



During these five days we will work on:


  • Awakening of the vital energy by releasing stuck feelings and emotions
  • Experiencing, healing and integrating the wounds of the past
  • Transforming the inner obstacles towards love and trust and opening the heart
  • Healing the inner child and promoting the emotional maturity
  • Transforming the negative patterns and repetitions in the relationship sphere
  • Learning tools to manifest true love, openness and trust
  • Learning ways to recognize and overcome the traps of the mind
  • Learning Tantric practices to open the heart and circulate the energy
  • Geting new insights on the projections and protections in the relationships sphere
  • Learning about the functioning of the subconscious mind and its role
  • Learning the new ways of being in relationships – ways that allow mutual growth and evolution in the couple



The workshop is for Singles and Couples.


Upcoming Dates: 
Introduction lecture: 

Early bird price 1 (India) : 260$
Early bird price 2 (India): 290$
Sign with a couple or with a friend (M&F): -10$ each
Regular price (India): 320$

Meals: We will eat ayurvedic breakfast, lunch and dinner all together during the workshop for an additional 11$ per day

Registration: A deposit of 100$ is required to reserve a place.

Places are limited. Register in advance to reserve your place.


Much love!
Alexey & Anouchka

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