Opening of the Heart


Opening of the Heart workshop is a group therapy to heal and harmonize the relationship with yourself and others, to manifest love, truth and harmony in our relationship sphere. It’s a deep work to promote emotional maturity, open the heart and transform what is still in the way of loving ourselves and others fully.



We use efficient techniques of Tantra Heart meditations, Rebirthing, Inner child work  to go deeper inside our Heart and bring the necessary healing. It’s a strong work that helps to identify what we project from our past to our present and use it as a tool to grow individually and with our partner. By being more aware of the roots of our emotional currents, we can open ourselves to feel and embrace the parts inside of us that still need to be healed and integrated.


This 3 day group process opens the doors for new possibilities in the relationships sphere with a better understanding of ourselves and the ways we can bring more love, trust and true intimacy in the way we relate wih others. The workshop is structured in a specific way to help you to open up, let go of stuck feelings and connect with others in a new and deeper way. The various aspects of your being will be explored in a safe environment of love and acceptance.


It’s a deep and beautiful process for SINGLES and COUPLES, that has already proven its efficiency!


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Duration: 3 days
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Location: Umaya center – Upper bhagsu – walk the steps up from Krishna supermarket, or 30 meters down the steps from Welcome cafe.

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I never expected it to be possible to do this deep work within just three days. I learned more about myself than I’ve done with much longer retreats and practices. Anouchka and Alex created a safe space for all of us to look deep within, face it all, accept it all and release it all. I felt so comfortable and safe in the circle that I was able to let down all my guards and just surrender to the practices they offered, I felt how we’re all respected for the strength and courage to be there for ourselves and others, how we’re all valued for the vulnerability and openness. By the end of the workshop I truly felt like reborn, I had released and accepted so many parts of myself; I felt so close and connected to every being around me. Their guidance got me to break myself open and feel all the love and beauty I’ve been hiding myself from. I’m deeply forever grateful for your support and for the work you’re doing for us! It’s beautiful! So much love for you!
Marelle Kaelepparticipant
I am so impacted and inspired by you both as a couple. You are such a great example of solar and lunar energy. Every aspect of this workshop was so greatly helpful and transformational. I am excited to see this grow and develop, just as every student has in these last 3 days. Much love. Thank you.
This workshop has been one of the most powerful and intense work I’ve done in such a short time. I walk out of here, feeling my heart is full of love, connected in a more accepting and powerful way with my female energy. I also feel more in touch, less fearful and more willing to explore and experience the mascuine energy. Alexey and Anouchka put together an amazing box of excersises, each one leading to open up emotional body – All done through the body, with only enough theory to trust the process and space, but not to get the mind into the way. The process and space has been held by both Alexey and Anouchka with amazing experience, intuition, wisdom and kindness. Both know, what this process is about and facilitate the space very skillfully. It was beautiful to have a coupe to lead this process – they brought such a great balance of feminine and masculine energy – The space was held with confidence and enormous grace – I always felt led, supported and surrounded by kindness and love. I could not recommend more these 3 days to anyone, who feel some point of his/her heart is stucked, unable to open, to let go… and want to go into the body to experience the pain and release necessary to move forward, feeling connected again his/her heart.
Gaia Gozzoparticipant
For me, the workshop was really good in all senses, especially, now I am feeling much more Grateful, peaceful and my heart is much more open. It has been really worth it! I strongly recommend it to everybody in the world. Both facilitators had been really professional and they had helped in all moments, specially to myself. I am really grateful for it! On the other hand, the course was quite intense and very well organized. The music, the meditations, alll the excersises. In my opinion, you have to promote your course, for this kind of course is really important, especially in Europe, US and other countries, where still a lot of agression and little love!
The experience you have in conducting this workshop and working with emotions is evident. The structure was perfectly sequenced and built up steadily, drawing us into the intensity and depth of our emotions. The space provided for this was conforting and accepting. Alexey is a wonderful facilitator. This is his life’s purpose and calling, and he works with a flow that is natural. This type of work is exactly that the world needs today as it is cleansing itself of deep grief and sorrow. thank you for bringing us in touch with who we are. This is important work, profoundly necessary for our collective healing. Thank you for being channels for those in need. I am grateful for my healing in your hands.
Divya Manoharanparticipant
I am so grateful for this experience and can really feel something has shifted within me. I feel much more connected to the happy, light person inside me. I have also realised some of the key reasons for my blockages and feel they have begun to clear. I can see that through continuing this process I will be able to love and be loved in a way I couldnt understood or imagined before! Here is my review: A deep, beautiful and emotional journey, which I am so grateful to have been a part of. The course is seamless and carefully thought out and has been a huge turning point for me. I feel a huge sense of relief after identifying and releasing some of my blockages and have also finally met the Free, Light and Loving part of myself! Thank you! Vivien
Vivien Martineauparticipant
It was the most intense workshop I did in my life: a ot of strong and powerful experiences, so much of emotional work. I definetely healed some aspects of my relationship with my parents. I feel a lot of aliveness and sensitivity in my body. I leave this workshop as a different me. I am hugely grateful to the Group, Alexey and Anouchka.
Alexey & Anouchka’s Opening of the Heart course not only gave me the oppotunity to identify & release stuck and hidden feelings, but provided me with clear and effective tools to take away and continue my healing journey in my own life. I leave feeling lighter, fuller and ready to approach life with genuine love & joy in my heart. A real investment in life itself. Thank you so much, Alexey & Anouchka! Sincerely, Tristan.
Tristan O'brienparticipant


Facilitated by:

Alexey Nechaev – International teacher with 9 years of experience of giving Emotional healing and Self-knowledge workshops.