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Welcome to Ecstatic dance Dj training!
MODULE 1 - OBJECTIVE: To learn Ecstatic dance music structure & sourcing. To build one’s Ecstatic dance music collection.
MODULE 2 - OBJECTIVE: To learn to navigate in the library section of Traktor Pro, to add tracks to the music library, to energy level tracks, to tag tracks, to sort tracks in categories, to create playlists and smartlists.
MODULE 3 - OBJECTIVE: To learn basic mixing techniques. To understand how phrasing works. To start practicing mixing.
MANUAL - OBJECTIVE: To understand functions of Traktor kontrol S2. To start practicing mixing, using dj controller.
MODULE 4 - OBJECTIVE: To understand how software uses grid for beatmixing. To learn to correct software mistakes and adjust the grid of the tracks.
MODULE 5 - OBJECTIVE: To learn to prepare your tracks, to use hotcue jumps & loops for better mixing. To create an Ecstatic dance set. To practice mixing Ecstatic dance set.
MODULE 6 - OBJECTIVE: To learn to use EQ, Filter, Color effects, Essential effects for even better mixing
MODULE 7 - OBJECTIVE: To learn to use advanced mixing techniques to surprise your audience and perform a better mixing
MODULE 8 - OBJECTIVE: To learn to create an Ecstatic dance space, guidelines, ways to open and close the space