Umaya Mission


Our planet is going through the important Transition – humanity faces a lot of challenges – enviromental, social, economical, existential. In the same time, New energies are emerging, promoting in a lot of sensitive people the pull towards spiritual growth, cultivation of higher values and the desire to create a meaningful life, tuned with the heart. It becomes more and more obvious that the old system of values and ways of life are not serving people anymore. The new energies of love, light and heart-centered consciousness, are slowly, but surely, making their way.


Our mission is to anchor those energies in our lives and provide the right environment and tools for other people to connect with their own light and source of personal power.

Umaya Vision

A human being can live a much more happy, fulfilled and meaningful life, when he is in tune with his Higher self –  his Heart, or his Soul, that has the deeper knowledge of what one truly needs to be happy.


On the way of such tuning, he goes through a transformation process – healing the emotional wounds, transforming negative programming, wrong resolutions, imprints of the past, negative attachments and violations of the spiritual laws.


We can intentionally and consciously participate in this inner growth process, thus tremendously accelerating the evolution of the individual soul and planetary consciousness.


Inspired by the teachings of Sri Prem Baba and the Pathwork of Eva Pieracoss, we share the knowledge and tools that helped us to heal and transform a good amount of personal negative patterns and bring significant changes to our lives. In our work, we use Self-exploration and Emotional release exersices, Active meditations, Exersises of self-expression, Tantric practices, Ecstatic dance, Rebirthing, Family constellations, Sharings and Group work. We offer trainings, workshops and depth coaching sessions.



We accept different names of God or Higher Energy: Christ, Krishna, Shiva,  Shakti, Divine mother, Divine father, Great spirit, Higher self, Creator, Divine light, Buddha’s nature, etc. as indicators to different aspects of  one Universal Truth. Each individual is FREE to choose his preferable way to name & connect with this Highest Truth, that is ultimately resides within oneself.

Global Tribe


Each soul that in one way or another is striving towards light, constructiveness, helping others, growing, raising frequency, sharing one’s heart and love, and wants to contribute to the world we consider as a part of our Global Tribe.



In Umaya, the role of a facilitator is to create the right space and conditions for the healing, uplifting and increasing of awareness and soul to happen. The main tool of a facilitator is its personal experience of self-growth. Walking through his unique path, he acquires experiential understanding and tools that allow him to hold a loving healing space for others.

Human being psyche structure


In short, we can look at a human being consciousness as a summary of the 3 layers:



Essence – Our authentic light, spontaneity, constructiveness, inner wisdom and higher creativity. It is the Core of our being, our ultimate Truth, our Higher Self.


Wounded Self – Our pain body, split-off parts of consciousness, traumas and shocks of the “wounded child”, our ingrained negativity. It is our Lower Self.


Protection – Our masks, Persona, Image we like to project outside, strategies to get love and approval. It is our Mask Self.


1. The path


We all have these 3 layers active in our psyche, whether we are aware of them or not. Looking at this Map of consciousness we can define the path to a fulfilled and soul-rich life. Thus, the path is to gradually become aware, admit, accept, embrace and step by step dissolve the layers of Protection and Wounded self. The path is to gradually shift our identity from those layers to the Essence.


2. The process is gradual


Learning to know those layers and how they operate, we learn to do a real purification of the feelings of the Wounded self, slowly allowing the authentic Essence to come forth. That is different from unconscious putting on another mask of  the “spiritual one”, “nice one” or “happy one”.

3. The path of Awareness


Although on this journey we use different tools of growth available to us, the cornerstone of this path is Jnana yoga – the yoga of Self-knowledge. We learn to know ourselves, our imprints, limiting beliefs, sub-personalities, shortcomings, cause and effect links well enough to be able to redirect our energy channels. We redirect the energies stuck in the channels of our Mask self and Wounded self back to the Essence.

4. Connecting with the Essence


Another important part of the journey is the intentional cultivation of the connection with the Essence or our Higher self. It is our deeper reality, our inner Sage, our Teacher. It is the deepest part of ourselves, that goes beyond our little self and ego. One part of the journey is to learn to surrender our self-will to this part, to our Core, our God self.


Here we use the Eastern spiritual inheritage – Cultivation of mindfulness and silence, Meditation, Devotion, Karma yoga, Prayer, Energy practices and cultivation of the Universal values.

5. Awakening the Self


The path is to awaken the Real Self inside of us, to let it shine in its own unique way, to surrender our personal ego-will to it and to let it fulfill its purpose in the world. This is the way of connecting with our innate spiritual essence, to live this essence in the world – making it grounded and integrated in the material life.