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Developing Self-worth as the foundation of sharing!

In this new video we discuss the subject of Self-worth as the foundation to share personal gifts & talents. We talk about important aspects, that are so crucial in developing one’s Self-worth, and share our personal stories as examples!

Essential steps on the path of Self-transformation!

In this video we will talk more IN DEPTH about the essentials of the process of Self-transformation through the Self-knowledge and share our personal experiences!

How to bring lastring transformation of loneliness & the lack of love

In this video you will learn 3 stages of the process of transformation of feelings of loneliness & the lack of love, rooted in the childhood. You will learn how through the correct work with feelings and expansion of awareness to change the reality, that have been created through the childhood imprint!

Transforming Inner Anger

Anger – is a not-so-easy energy to deal with – especially if you recognize that this tendency was with you for a long time. I personally was carrying anger from a young age – which would come out later as irritation or sharp outbursts – and it took me a while to understand this energy and learn, how to transform it!


In this video you will learn how to navigate through the 3 stages of the process of transformation of anger.

Correct way to use Affirmations!

In this video I share the way that make affirmations work and make it a powerful tool of reshaping your mind!

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