Psyche – Emotional counseling

I offer personal support and guidance for those, who need it. In my approach of inner work, I accept any type of “imperfection”, shadow or energy – I believe, that everything can be accepted and grow, if you know how to approach it. I’ve been there myself, had significant life shifts and ready to offer my support! All the sessions are held in a warm confidential space – we will look deep into your request and develop a transformation strategy – practice to bring the necessary shift.


From my experience as a facilitator and being myself on a spiritual journey I see, that it can be very helpful to have an insight and support from another person – to help to see the “blind-spots” that may be holding you back. My intention for you is to get more clarity, feel empowered and find your way forward! 


I’ve done some work with Alexey in the past and most recently he was helping me through online sessions with a specific issue and I have to say he is the person I’ll always be returning to! I’ve attended many healers, teachers, gurus, psychologists, etc…but Alexey is special. He has qualities of all of them. He listens, he perceives, he guides, he heals. He was able to guide me and helped me to truly transform my destructive patterns into something more constructive using his intuition, spirituality and knowledge from different teachings. His approach to guide people is very structured and accurate. It does not matter what the issue is, his technique is universal and will definitely help you!
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My speciality and subjects I can help you with:

  • Building up Self-love & Self-confidence
  • Overcoming of “Not enough” beliefs
  • Transforming trauma of the lack of love
  • Inner child and Emotional healing work
  • Working with one’s own shadow
  • Dealing with emotional waves
  • Finding your own way
  • Integrating spirituality in life
  • Connecting with one’s own power
  • Meditation
  • Opening pathways for expressing your purpose
  • Tuning in with the Planetary Shift


You can get more information about my vision of the Inner work in the Self-help videos.


Write me and I will be happy to assist you in the best way I can!


Skype sessions

Session time: 1:15 hrs
Energy exchange: 50 USD through Paypal

Contact: WhatsApp: +91 724 844 2979 / or alexinbo [at] gmail.com


Alexey Nechaev – International teacher with 8 years of  teaching experience of Emotional healing and Self-knowledge workshops, with 12 years of personal practice and studies with lots of positive feedback from participants, owner and creator of Umaya center of Spiritual Growth and Human connection in India, facilitator of Emotional healing workshops & Ectatic dance teacher trainings. Life coach, Ecstatic dance dj, happy husband & father.



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