Growing into love – workshop

The transforming power of relationships

Growing into love

The transforming power of relationships

While relationships aren't always easy, they are some of the greatest gifts we have.

An invitation to transformation

2 days of deep inner quest through family constellations, guided self-exploration and a lot of love and care!

Open to everyone who wishes to use relationships as a powerful tool for growth, whether in a current one or not.

What is it about?

It’s an invitation to use the difficulties that arise in relationships, as opportunities of healing, transformation and creative change.

This workshop is designed to unravel the layers that keep us trapped in the same unhealthy patterns. Our old beliefs and conditionings will come to light, be released and overwritten, so we can  reconnect to our source of power, create mature intimacy and expand our heart space.

Who is this workshop for?

I’m in a relationship

The workshop helps to get a deeper understanding on what we might be projecting on our partner through the lens of our childhood’s experiences and imprints. Getting more awareness enhances our capacity to own our emotions and to use them to create a deeper bond with our partner. Our vulnerability becomes a bridge towards each other and we can grow more and more into love. 


I’m not in a relationship

If you wish to be, or haven’t moved on yet from a past relationship, the workshop is a powerful way to explore what is blocking the flow. By having a closer look at the fears that might create inner resistance, and by releasing past feelings, the heart can reopen again and trust reestablished.

In a safe& loving space,
we will:

  • Get new insights of the emotional hurts connected to relationships & their roots within our own family system

  • Explore our wounded-ness with love & compassion and give it space to be expressed, embraced and transformed

  • Release emotional memories and hidden feelings from our body, to reawaken  the flow of love and our inner spark

  • Learn efficient tools to breakthrough repetitive patterns and experience our relationships more fully and consciously

  • Rediscover vulnerability as a powerful way to create authentic & connected communication with ourselves and others

About family constellations:

It’s a ground-breaking methodology which doesn’t involve our mind and what we understand intellectually about our story, but gives us access to deep emotions and feelings that might have been repressed for years, even though wee think we moved on.

Participants are chosen to represent specific family members of the one doing his constellation, so we can explore from a new lens our family dynamic and the root of our problems. By doing so, we can breakthrough deep ingrained patterns and beliefs and create positive shifts in our life and relationships (parents, partner, children etc.) and start attracting something new and more aligned to the heart.

“Only when the connection to his family is acknowledged and the person’s responsability seen clearly, can the individual feel unburdened and move forward without anything from the past weighing him down or holding him back” – Bert Hellinger, founder of family constellation

So much joy in my heart to be facilitating this workshop and guide you through each step of the process!

To know more about me,

To know more about my work, the vision i share and read the testimonials of previous participants, have a tour on the website !

Ready to dive in? 

  • Dates : saturday 21st & sunday 22nd of may from 9am to 6pm
  • Price : pre-monsoon special price : 4.000rs/person or 7.000rs for a couple
  • Location : in Patnem – south Goa
  • For more info : Call or whatsapp : +91 955 774 2211

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