Growing into love – counselling

Individual counselling

Individual counselling

To approach relationships
as bridges to yourself

While relationships aren't always easy, they are some of the greatest gifts we have.

The approach

Growing into love counselling is about using the relationship as a powerful tool for growth and deeper love for ourselves and others. The seeds of resolution are often in our core complaint and the challenges we face in a relationship are a direct doorway to healing. 

Guided with love & care, the sessions help to unravel the layers that keep us trapped in the same unhealthy patterns, so we can reconnect to our source of power, create mature intimacy and expand our heart space!

Who is it for?

I’m in a relationship

The healing process I’m inviting you to is first for yourself, but any positive shift within, will have its benefits in the relationship’s dynamic. 

The sessions help to get a deeper understanding on what we might be projecting on our partner, through the lens of our past experiences. Getting more awareness enhances our ability to own our emotions and to use them to create more harmony within us and in our couple. Our vulnerability becomes a bridge towards oneself and each other and we can grow more and more into love. 

I’m not in a relationship

If you wish to be, or haven’t moved on yet from a past relationship, that work is a powerful way to explore what is blocking the flow. By having a closer look at the fears that might create inner resistance, and by releasing past feelings, the heart can open again and trust reestablished.

What about other relationships (children, friends, family)

Any relationship is a good starting point for our healing journey. It only requires the willingness to dive in and explore what the relationship has to reveal to us.

An invitation

  • To get new insights of the emotional hurts connected to your relationships & their roots within your family system
  • To explore your wounded-ness with love & compassion and give it space to be expressed, embraced and transformed
  • To release emotional memories and hidden feelings from your body, to reawaken the flow of love and vital energy
  • To learn efficient tools to breakthrough repetitive patterns and experience your relationships more fully and consciously
  • To rediscover your vulnerability as a powerful way to create authentic & connected communication with yourself and others

The tools

I use tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), exercises of self-exploration, awareness and emotional release to guide you through your inner quest ! One of the main one is family constellation

It’s a ground-breaking methodology which doesn’t involve our mind and what we understand intellectually about our story, but gives us access to deep emotions and feelings that might have been repressed for years, even though we think we moved on.

We can explore from a new lens our family dynamic and the root of our problems. By doing so, we can breakthrough deep ingrained patterns and beliefs and create positive shifts in our life and relationships. 

Guided sessions with Anouchka

Every time I’m about to offer a session, my heart sings. It’s such an honor to be able to guide & support someone to reconnect to his inner spark and source of power. 

My relationships with my husband and my son are tremendous treasures for me. Besides the love I feel for them, they show me so much about myself and the parts of me that need to be looked at, embraced and transformed. Our relationships offered me already so many gifts. Through the difficult times and shaky waves we go through, I always come out of it more connected and loving to myself, to them and by ripple effect ; to others. 

I’m deeply moved by the opportunity to share the path of Growing into love through relationships and all the beautiful tools that helped me !

The individual sessions are offered online and offline and last 1h30-2h depending on the rhythm of each one. Scroll below to contact me!

To know more about me:

Working with Anouchka has changed my life. She led me to new discoveries about who i am, and the influence my family and ancestors have on and through me. I've learned there's a treasure-chest of healing inside and it helps to have a guide while on this journey to liberate what no longer serves me. She held space intuitively and with grace. I felt safe, supported and heard. If you're looking for someone to work on relationship issues and communication, she's experienced, honest and pure-wonder to be with. I couldn't recommend her more!
Growing into love participantDavid Norwell
I had a few sessions with Anouchka to look into my relationship patterns. She is an amazing listener and sums up exactly what the issue is. I felt respected and understood. She also gave me helpful tools to work with. She has an open heart and her enthusiasm gave me so much encouragements to believe in myself !
Adrianne Teeninga

Send me a message or contact me here  : +32 492 088 389 for more info or to book a session