Rebirthing breathwork sessions

Rebirthing is a great therapy which brings release, freedom, renewed energy and strength. It is a therapy which works on an energetical and emotional level – it is dynamic, powerful and very practical. The basis of Rebirthing is very simple – deep circular breathing through the mouth for an extended period of time with a music support. It is a strong breathing – different from traditional yoga pranayama, with the capacity to take you deep.


Rebirthing is a powerful clearing our of energy body and feelings. While we are charged with the old stuck feelings, these hold us back and do not allow us to make the changes we need to in our lives or to feel the way we would like to. Rebirthing gives the opportunity to release and let go deep down on this emotional level. Fear, panic, stress, anger, depression, blocks, childhood trauma can be cleared and dealt with.


During a Rebirthing session, some people cry, some people express anger and some people  release & recharge on the energy level. Our session includes a warm-up & gentle closure all done in a comfortable and safe, environment of Umaya center.


Upcoming dates

Energy Exchange(India):
– Finish your food 1.5 hours before the session
– Bring a water bottle

Location: Umaya center – Upper bhagsu – walk the steps up from Krishna supermarket, or 30 meters down the steps from Welcome cafe.

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Alexey Nechaev – International teacher with 8 years of experience of giving Emotional healing and Self-knowledge workshops, including Rebirthing with many positive feedbacks & reviews from participants.



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