Power of the Heart – men’s coaching

With Alex Nechaev

By Alex

You are invited to dive deep into a transformational process of reconnection with your own Essence - healing & integrating various parts of yourself and stepping into your power, inspiration and creativity!

Man who only serves his ego – is a lost man. He is bound to chase his satisfaction here and there, being a subject to addictions and compulsions – he is bound to live a futile small life. Nothing can really fulfill him. No amount of new toys and entertainment. His soul’s frustration will persist, overshadowing the fleeting joys he’s striving to experience. Only connection to his Heart can bring him real fulfillment. By being anchored in his mission, by serving his soul – he penetrates the matter with his creative potential. Being connected with his feelings, open to the currents of life – he shares his input courageously. And this becomes the source of deep fulfillment, inspiration and constantly renewing energy for him! This brings a long-awaited sense of meaning to his life. This allows him to take his true place in Creation – to be the man he was born to be!

– Alex



Power of the Heart – is designed to empower you, to help you to clarify your personal healing process, your life tasks and develop practical steps to heal and move in the right direction. We all have a deeper Self within – that knows beyond our mind what’s needed for us to feel fulfilled, connected and experience a deep sense of meaning in life! The connection to that space is often obscured by karmic imprints, childhood traumas, limiting beliefs and blocked energy in our system.

In our coaching sessions we will focus on finding back the connection to that space – our Essence, bringing into awareness those aspects in yourself that are in the way of being in touch with your Heart and that are blocking manifestation of your deeper inspirations. 
It will be a growing process which requires of you being open to challenge beliefs about yourself, your life path, spirituality and your own capacities!


During our sessions we will cover several important aspects:


1) Connecting with the Heart space – tapping into what wants to emerge from your deeper Being

2) Removing unconscious inner obstacles  (Here I act as a mirror – highlighting aspects that often escape your own consciousness)

3) Developing practical steps, exercises and direction

According to your individual process – together we develop a simple homework program for you to address those aspects through special exercises, meditations and practical steps to move forward – to be practiced until our next meeting.


Price: 80€ / hour

Duration of session: 45min – 1:15 hours (After each session – there is an integration period of your choice, during which you will practice your homework: 2 weeks – 2 months before the next session)


You are invited to dive deep into a transformational process of healing, integrating various parts of yourself, reconnecting with your Essence & stepping into your power, inspiration and creativity!


The citizen of the world, workshop facilitator, transformational coach, Ecstatic dance DJ, father – Alex walked a long journey of spiritual transformation, being born in Russia – he moved to live in Bali and India for the last 15 years, where he engaged in the strong inner work of transformation of his own traumas and got trained in transformational coaching, yoga, inner child work, Rebirthing breathwork, energy healing. He was assisting others in a variety of ways on their inner journey for the last 9 years and got recently settled in Belgium – where he continues sharing his passion for spiritual transformation and music with others.

My personal transformation journey, understanding the mechanics of it, connection to my own intuition – have become my main strengths as a men’s coach and allow me to assist other men in their empowerment journey! It is deeply inspiring for me to see the moment when the shift happens in men – who start tapping into their own power and getting the hold of it. When they start touching the truth of who they really are and resources available to them. When their heart and power centers get connected and align with the higher purpose.


My specialties:

  • Building Self-love & Self-confidence
  • Overcoming “I’m not good enough” beliefs
  • Transforming the trauma of lack of love and affection
  • Inner child and Emotional healing work
  • Working with one’s fears & shadow
  • Dealing with emotional turbulence and shadow
  • Clarifying your direction in life
  • Integrating spirituality in daily life
  • Connecting with your own power
  • Opening pathways for expressing your purpose

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