Men’s group (online)


Being able to share with one another from a place of honesty and authenticity, hold accountability in front of your brothers, learning and growing together within a community fulfills an important spiritual law – the law of brotherhood, stating, that for a true spiritual and personal progress we need to come out of personal isolation and learn to cooperate, share and interact with one another – then only the true spiritual and material progress can really happen.


Our own experience brought much more release and healing, when participating in the group work.


Keeping that in mind, we’ve decided to start online Men’s group.


PURPOSE OF THE GROUP – to create a sacred circle of men:


1.  To grow and learn more efficiently together
2.  To hold accountability in front of fellow men
3.  To get more clarity and wisdom
4.  To help each other to engage in meaningful action.




We agree to keep everything, that happens in the circle, confidential, unless the whole group agrees otherwise. We can share our personal experience and process, but not the process of other men with others.


It is first of all our own process and learning. Honesty is the key to our own growth. We speak from our personal experience, using “I”, “I feel”, “I perceive” instead of generalizations or speaking of others.


We don’t deny feelings. We are attentive to what moves inside during the meeting and what feelings are arising – this is ESSENTIAL source of insight. We don’t stick to the idea – “I should feel in a certain way to be accepted”, instead we investigate and OWN OUR SHADOW and get to know what is really going on. We honor our process as it is.


This is a learning ground for the whole group. Often times your sharing from the heart is exactly what someone else in the group needs. We don’t withhold nor exessively talk from the head – our truthful input from the heart is important and needed.


We take the courage to be vulnerable, to remove the masks and protections, to look into our shadow, to go to the root of the cause – later to grow in our true greatness and strength. Courageous man is able to share vulnerable stuff.


The purpose of this group is to bring more constructiveness and expansion in our lives, which is happening through the actions outside of the group. After introspection and insight, we take certain commitments and hold accountability in front of our group.


We agree, that everyone in the group is responsible for the course of events and unfoldment of the group process. We know, that we are cocreating this experience and are all responsible for the direction of the group process. We are responsible to bring out the ideas for the group, guided by our “inner knowing” and insight.


We understand that nothing meaningful can be achieved without commitment. We take part in this group and commit to participate in the meetings, despite of our mood swings, leisure activities happening, etc. We intend to attend at least 85% of the meetings, with exception of emergencies and very urgent matters.


Every 2nd Thursday (2 times a month). Next meeting – 23rd oj July


New Delhi 7-9pm

Berlin 3:30-5:30pm

Tel Aviv 4:30-6:30pm

Moscow 4:30-6:30pm

Montreal 9:30-11:30am

New York 9:30-11:30am




1. OPEN CONVERSATION – is the main tool of the circle work. By open conversation we mean being vulnerable, speaking from the heart, instead of head, hearing others, being open for the feedback. There will be Topics to focus on, as well as going with the group energy. However open conversation is about each man’s personal experience and not a theoretical exercise.


2. CALLING IN CIRCLE FOR ONESELF – one man can call the circle for himself, to dive DEEPER into a specific personal subject. Then he will be in the “middle of the circle”, connected with himself, while other men will be able to ask questions, to help the men to unveil the subject.


3. CALLING IN CIRCLE FOR THE OTHER – a man can call the circle for the other, guided by inner knowing, if thats feels authentic and necessary.


4. TAKING A COMMITMENT – a man can share a specific subject and his commitment until the next meeting in that regard. The group can give feedback on that commitment.


5. MASTERMIND – calling in a circle for a specific practical goal or project


The group can come up with new exercises and suggestions along the way.


Minimum commitment – 2 meetings




Meetings are held through Zoom videoconference
Contact Us through Whatsapp to participate: +91 724 844 29 79