Inner Alchemist Breathwork – 1 day workshop

Break through negative life patterns using Breathwork & Self-knowledge

Inner Alchemist Breathwork

Break through negative life patterns using breathwork & self-knowledge

Until you make the unconscious conscious - it will rule your life and you will call it fate.

- Carl Jung

Take a step to transformation

In this 1 day workshop, you’ll be introduced to the process of Inner alchemy: a healing & transformative process of understanding our psyche, bringing awareness into repetitive patterns and releasing the body & heart from stagnant emotions. 

You will learn useful tools for self-healing and transformation, get insights of what might be limiting your fulfilment and experience Rebirthing breathwork technique to bring emotional healing!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for all the Inner explorers and alchemists. For those who realize that our own consciousness plays a major role in what we manifest and our sense of wellbeing. For those who realize the importance of going inwards to create a life tuned with the heart. For those who are ready to go deeper on their personal journey and learn new ways and tools to do so.

In a safe& loving space,
we will:

  • Learn about the Map of consciousness: how our psyche operates and how to proceed with self-healing and integration of different parts of ourselves;

  • Lovingly explore themes and parts of ourselves that need our attention and support;

  • Use Rebirthing breathwork technique to release stuck energies and bring insights & emotional healing!

  • Rediscover vulnerability as a powerful way to create authentic & connected communication with ourselves and others;

  • Connect with other Inner alchemists and have the space to share and exchange insights!

About Rebirthing breathwork:

Rebirthing breathwork is a great therapy which brings release, freedom, renewed energy and strength. It works on an energetical and emotional level – it is dynamic, powerful and very practical. It is a strong breathing, different from traditional yoga pranayama, with the capacity to take you deep.

Rebirthing breathwork is a powerful cleansing of our energy body and feelings. Releasing old stuck feelings, allows us to make the changes we need in our lives, to embody our full potential. 
During a Rebirthing breathwork session, some people cry, some express anger and some release & recharge on the energetical level. Our session includes a warm-up & gentle closure, in a comfortable and safe environment.



Greetings! My name is Alex and I am excited to invite you for this 1 day workshop. For the last 15 years, I’ve been living in Bali and India ; where my passion for inner work, self-healing and transformation got awakened. My own discontent and inner suffering pushed me to find ways to live a more fulfilled life. It first started with a search for other ways of living and unfolded with an inner search : understanding of myself & my psyche deeper and discovering tools that help tremendously in self-healing and finding one’s own path. 

During my journey, I’ve learned various tools and techniques: Yoga, tantra, Osho active meditations, depth psychology, strong shadow work & Rebirthing breathwork. In this workshop, I would like to share with you some of the most efficient approaches that brought radical shifts within me : Emotional healing, Self-knowledge and Rebirthing breathwork.

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