Depth Coaching: The Voice of the Heart


Depth coaching method “The voice of the Heart” is a structured method of 8 coaching sessions of 1h 30m – 2hrs done within 2 months online, where you go in a deep self-investigation process and together we identify the inner obstacles and blind spots, that are in the way of being able to share of one’s heart in the world, as well as professional realization and fulfillment. Then we develop the strategy to transform those and step in one’s own power! It is the DEPTH coaching, that goes much deeper than traditional coaching methods bringing the clarity of vision, insight, transformation and the new energy that comes with it!


It is a deep coaching work and a great way to bring light, insights and a deeper understanding of why things “dont move” and what stands in the way. This clarity is the only way, to make the inner transformation and come up with the concrete practical steps to move in the constructive direction! The methodology is truly amazing and goes far beyond the traditional coaching, providing often times the invaluable insights! Here we are aiming to tap into the roots of obstacles and also to connect with the true intentions of the heart.


This methodology is inspired by the teachings of Sri Prem Baba and is different from the traditional coaching methods by introducing the new depth of vision and understanding!


Facilitated by Alexey Nechaev


I am devoted a lot to the inner work, with my experience constantly proving me, how the inner changes shift the outer reality! My personal & professional life has changed a lot with engaging in Self-knowledge and inner work:

  • From being for many years unable to create a romantic relationship for more then 6 months – to stepping into marriage and fatherhood;
  • From doing a business just to make a living – to being tuned with my heart and manifesting projects that fulfill both my soul and material needs;
  • From being very disconnected from myself and my feelings – to being more in tune with deeper truth and starting to express it;
  • From an unconscious self-hatred – to expressing more of self-love and step by step growing self-confidence;


My intention for this course is to empower others, to support them in their Inner alchemy journey – to connect them to their own light, wisdom and strength! These times we need empowered people, connected to their gifts and spirit more then ever. I will be honored to support you in this journey.


What people say

Last June, Alex offered me the 8 sessions coaching program “The voice of the Heart” to bring more clarity and direction in my professional life and in the ways I can share my heart more! It has been very deep for me. A deep work of self-knowledge, that helped me to see my limiting beliefs with more clarity and identify the inner voices and attitudes that are still blocking the flow of sharing my heart and stepping into my light and power. It brought me much more than what I expected! It connected me again to my heart, to my qualities, to my gifts and talents and help me to bring more awareness to the opposing inner currents that were preventing me to shine and be myself without fears. It was not so much about finding how to go from A to B like a lot of other coaching approaches, but rather seeing the different aspects of yourself and your past that make it an obstacle for manifesting what you truly desires for your life. I feel deeply grateful to have had done this work to bring more joy and fulfillment in my life, from a true place!
Anouchka Drouinparticipant

After coaching with Alexey my attitude to myself became more easy and better, I became more relaxed and opened to the world! Work with Alexey helped me to detect internal mechanisms, which were working against my happiness and joy. I saw how I drive myself to stress! During the work many unconscious and rejected emotions came back, it was not pleasant but with this work now I could observe what was a trigger, when this mechanism starts its work and what is the goal of this mechanism and the fact that this goal does not fit my needs. Observation of this process allows me step back and not to be drawn in and to take decisions I need not influenced by emotions. I became more clear/transparent for myself! I rate my experience as a client as: Exellent! I would definetly recommend this work to a friend and I already did it!
Maxim Smorodinovparticipant
I really enjoyed this coaching practice. I noticed inner transformation while doing it! I loved the structure and how it lead through the shadows and back into the light. I think the biggest benefit was identifying the patterns, and shadows from the past to see what has been holding me back and then discovering my gifts. This way I know what to work on and why it is arising. I rate my experience as a client as Very good! I would recommend this work to a friend, because i feel I’ve got a lot out of it!


Skype sessions

Duration: 2 months ( 8 sessions )
Session time: 1:30 hrs – 2 hrs
Energy exchange: 750 Euro (Possible to pay  in two installments)
Contact: WhatsApp: +91 959 637 34 07 / or alexinbo [at]